In APB, you can carry 3 weapons at once. To change any of these weapons, you must visit a ammunition terminal (Joker ammo vending machine) and access your inventory (I).

1 Primary

1 Secondary

2 Grenades of the same type

Primary weapons cover the large weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, and high velocity sniper rifles, as well as a few powerful sub-machine guns as well. Secondary weapons include weapons such as pistols, revolvers, and machine-pistols. Grenades can be fragmentation, percussion, stun (enforcer only), or concussion.

Weapon Types

In addition to these standard types of weapons there are also Less Than Lethal (LTL) weapons. LTL weapons are for enforcers, allowing them to damage stamina instead of health. When stamina is drained, a criminal will fall to his knees for about 15 seconds, allowing the enforcer to arrest him.

New weapons must be purchased from contacts in social or action districts. Weapon purchases are unlocked by achieving organizational levels. Example: The N-Tec 5 assault rifle is unlocked for enforcers by achieving Level 6 with Prentiss Tigers. At higher contact levels you will be rewarded named weapons: a weapon with up to three fixed upgrades and appropriate upgrades.

Each primary weapon with the acception of LTLs, grenade launcher, OSMAW (rocket launcher) comes in four variations.

  • Generic

- Weapon has no upgradeable slots. No to affect weapon's base statistics.

  • 1 Slot

- Weapon has a single upgrade slot for a weapon upgrade.

- Denoted by suffix: NCFP1, R&D I, Nol

  • 2 Slot

- Weapon has two upgrade slots for two upgrades of different types.

- Denoted by suffix: NCFP2, R&D II, Adeen

  • 3 Slot

- Weapon has three upgrade slots for three upgrades of different types.

- Denoted by suffix: NCFP3, R&D III, Dvah

Weapon Physics

Weapons in APB function like weapons in many other shooter games, where bloom, or the rate of accuracy degradation, jumps on fully automatic weapons at different rates, and also depends on your stance, be it running, standing or crouching. There is no prone stance in APB. Every weapon has the ability to be focused or aimed (right click) to help fire at long distances and improve accuracy with a movement penalty. As of patch 1.4.1 all weapons now have associated weapon recoil to fit their weapon type. Weapons such as the HVR give the player a speed penalty, disallowing sprinting. The OSMAW only lets you walk when equipped.

One way in which weapons in APB do not compare to other shooters is in the way they have a physical limit on range. your crosshairs will turn red when mousing over an sopponent who is in range, but if that individual is only returning a white crosshair, they are out of range and any amount of fire will be 100% ineffective. This game mechanic does help define some advantages and disadvantages between longer rifles and shorter faster firing weapons.


Less Than Lethal (LTL) Weapons



Machine Pistols

Submachine Guns

Light Machine Guns

Assault Rifles

High Velocity Rifles


Rocket Launcher