Violet Prentiss
Violet Prentiss Contact
Faction Enforcers
Organization Prentiss Tigers
Prerequisite Wilson LeBoyce
Unlocks Mirri Kent
District Financial

Violet Prentiss is one of the three initially unlocked Prentiss Tigers contacts in the Financial District. She is the gateway Contact to Mirri Kent by reaching Level 10.


Violet's CV was 100% Blood Roses standard. Privileged upbringing in The Concession. Part of Charlotte Bloodrose's rich bitch private school gang. Hangs about the Waterfront warehouse scene. Likes dressing up. Likes the thrill of being a criminal badass. Gets sucked into the whole Blood Roses vibe.

She dates Seung Bloodrose, but soon catches the eye of cousin Jeung. Jeung steps in and pulls rank, claiming Violet for himself, and adding her to his harem. Seung burns at the humiliation, another point onto the grudge score he's keeping. Violet doesn't care; a place at Jeung's side is what she was after, putting her - she hopes - on the way to displacing Charlotte in the gang hierarchy.

It never happened. Maybe Jeung just got bored with her, or maybe one of her rivals had been conspiring against her, but she found herself out of favour and passed on to Byron Bloodrose. If she thought her fall from grace wasn't over, though.

It was supposed to be routine - going for a meet-up with a Port Authority security guard who was giving them the manifest to some high-tech stuff coming through the docks. She'd take it back to Byron, who'd give his recommendations on what was worth taking, and then Tyron Sennet would arrange a buyer for the merchandise before it had even been hijacked.

What wasn't routine were the Red Rain guns waiting for them. - the Midtown outfit still looking for revenge after Jeung screwed them on the Casamajor kidnap job. The Rains opened fire - the Port Authority guy was killed immediately - and then the second surprise of the night happened. More gunfire answered the Red Rain weapons. A full squad of Blood Roses hiding nearby, waiting for her to walk into the trap and trigger the ambush. All she was to Jeung was bait.

Caught in the crossfire, Violet didn't stand a chance. A burst of rounds from Charlotte caught her - not accidentally, Violet was sure - sending her tumbling into the water. Her Kevlar corset caught the worst of the damage, but she still went under. The current washed her up - half-dead - on the beach near Prentiss. As far as the Blood Roses were concerned, though, she was dead.

So Violet Bloodrose became Violet Prentiss, unrecognisable now without her Blood Roses couture and make-up, especially when it's replaced with the more clean-cut look of the Tigers. She shares everything she knows about the Blood Roses with Orlenze' and the others, buying their trust with inside info on the Roses, and the results are already pushing the Tigers' strike rate against the Roses.

She's one of Byeong Lee's ace cards, but he likes to keep her hidden. He's got her stashed in Havalynd, looking after the limited operations that the Tigers are starting to run there, and she's under strict orders to stay away from her old Waterfront haunts and well out of sight of the Roses.