Here is the list of all vehicles manufacturer in alphabetic order with the in-game infos.

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Bishada is a Japanese sports car manufacturer based in Osaka. Founded by Shoji Bisheada in 1932 the company began by manufacturing track racing cars for Japan's first national racing team. Determined to revolutionise the sport of motor racing, Shoji re-engineered his cars on almost daily basis and soon made great advances. Within three years his innovative engine designs, along with an elegant design aesthetic derived from his aerodynamics research, had created what many later saw as the future Formula One. Bishada's exceptional drivers and revolutionary automobiles went on to win most of the major racing championships for years to come. In 1948, Bishada started creating street legal vehicles - fast, beautiful cars with a reputation for excellence. Their magnificient styling paired with exceptional engineering soon created the ultimate status symbol for the rich and wealthy - a must-have car to both own and drive. Bishada is now one of the top 10 most valuable brands worldwide, with a merchandise line that includes exclusive clothing, perfume, eye-wear, cell phones, and even firearms. The company has offices in most major countries. In San Paro, Bishada maintains a national headquarters and show-rooms in Havalynd, along with import offices and a car freight yard on Waterfront.

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Charge-National was co-founded by Arlon Cody Burns (the founder of Dolton), and Valentin Fischer an orange farmer from Florida who'd amassed enough money to invest in his passion for automobiles. On August 1915, Charge-National introduced the "Silver Star Sedan", a five-passenger touring sedan. The company almost ended there and then - the Silver Star suffering a short product recall on the frist 20,000 machines due to misaligned brake components - but went to be immensely popular. In 1955, Charge-National Developed one of the most famous engines ever produced: the powerful and versatile V-CN8 that was quickly adopted by hot-rodders everywhere. By 1963, two out every then cars sold in the United States was a Charge-National. Building on the exceptional quality of their engines and engine components with luxury fittings and elegant styling, the company paved the way for the vehicles they produce today.

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Cisco, Micro, Sentinel

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Dolton has been a mainstay of the American auto industry for decades, producing an extensive range of mainstream cars and trucke. While the comapny was one of the frist major automobile manufacturers in the world, it has not always managed to stay at the forefront of automobile design. Long seen as untouchable in the automobile industry, by the late 1970s Dolton was consistently behind foreign competitors in sales, being seen as old fashioned and ?out of touch'. However, changes in the market perception in the mid 1980s and inroads into new commercial markets led to a dramatic revitalization of Dolton's lineup - with the company once again bringing groundbreaking automobiles to the American market, in term of luxury, reliability and overall comfort. By 2006, Dolton's assembly lines were using the largest amount of cutting-edge automaking technology in America and the company was catapulted to record profits. Today, Dolton has reclaimed its position as one of the world's larger exporters of automobiles.

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Broadwing, Fresno, Montane

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The Han Motor Corporation is the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world. Currently based in Seoul, Korea, they plan to move their headquarters to Incheon by 2013, with construction beginning in 2010. The company was formed by its current CEO, Lim Seung-chul, a wealthy industrialist, and Kwan Park, a maverick auto designer from Charge-National's R&D division. Having developed a revolutionary smelting process eight years before, Seung-chul had made a fortune from patents held in the steel industry, though bad business investments and several high-profile labour disputes had ruined the fortunes of Atland Steel, his original holding company. Struggling to rebuild his personal fortune, Seung-chul took a gamble on Kwan Park's innvoative automobile designs, primarily - he freely admits - because Park had recently married his daughter. The rest is hitory. in 1988, Han Motors entered an alliance with Cheval R.S. of France using the partnership to increase its manufacturing and distribution base. And in 1993 the company set a first record for selling automobiles into the American market - well over 200,000 vehicles. In the last 10 years, both quality and sales have dramatically increased and the reputation of Han Motors has gone from strength to strength.

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Cellante, Veo

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Macchina Calabria Ltd (or MCL) is an Italian automobile manufacturer, formely marketed under the "Spirito Italia" brand name. MCL's main offices are located in the Esposizione Universale Roma (EUR) in Rome, and the company is the third largest car Manufacturer in Europe. Whilr their well made and affordable cars have made significant inroads into the world automobile markets, the company has suffered a series of minor scandals in recent years. While accusation of price fixing and labour racketeering appear largely unfounded, in 2003, the Italian government arrested Raffaele Guardo Laconti, the head of MCL, and charged him with embezzling 150 million Euros (200 million USD). Howeverm succeeded by his chariman, Bernardo Vizzini, the brand popularity of MCL appears largely untainted. In the U.S. MCL Marine is a joint venture with Aquator Corp that produces motors for boats and other maritime equipment.

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127, Cosenza

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Alvin Kelley founded Packer Automotive in 1928 from Frisco Casting and Hue-Copeland Agricultural. Initially the company controlled foundries and auto parts businesses, but began automobile manufacture for domestic consumption in 1933. Packer's road vehicles were slow starters in comparison to their agricultural equipment (such as the "Packer 8 Corn Picker", which became a byword for reliability in the American mid west). However, pratical design and exemplary engineering have meant Packer vehicles have been cosistently exported around the world since the 1950s. Though a sonsistent performer, the company does have a history of labour disputes. In 2001, Packer workers - member of United Conglomerate Workers - downed tools in dispute over wages and conditions. Packer's silverfield plant in San Paro was hit along with the rest. The strike lasted four years; one of the longest running labour disputes in San Paro's history. With scab workers running the assembly lines, the quality of Packer's automobiles suffered and the company almost collapsed over night. However, President Lillian Mendoza's dramatic "U Plan" and a 2005 merger with the Navaho Motor Company, created a leaner and more dynamic company. Surviving to fight another day, Packer continues to create some of the world's best utility and four wheel drive vehicles, Including its iconic compact pickup trucks.

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Ceresco, Vaquero

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