Standard Rule Set Edit

The standard rule set is a gameplay mechanic in APB where you cannot shoot at players unless you're matched with them. This will prevent outside players from interfering with your game. This rule set is similar to what one would expect in most online/matchmaking games. In order to prevent one group of players from consistently preying upon or being matched against another group, there seems to be a balancing mechanic at work where if a gang gets busted too much by a particular squad or group of squads, there will come a point at which those Enforcers will not be issued an APB to stop that gang's crimes. This will allow certain skilled players from preying on weaker teams or new players simply to unlock game features or items, while allowing for weaker players to learn the ropes with more ease.

"Standard is the core game, its running missions, its doing all the world activities, its has our notoriety and prestige systems, it is what we've been working towards this whole time." - Ej Moreland (Design Lead)

Scrapped Edit

This system was suppose to be contrasted by the Chaos Rule Set before the entire project was scrapped in favor of Turf Wars[1]

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