Seung Bloodrose
Seung Bloodrose Contact
Faction Criminals
Organization Blood Roses
Prerequisite Byron Bloodrose
Unlocks Tyron Sennet
District Financial

Tier 2 contact for Blood Roses.


Jeung was always the first kid into anything new on the scene. First to dye his hair, first to get a lip piercing, first to get into (and then out of, as others picked up on the trend) a series of increasingly bewilderingly-named Euro dance trends.

Cousin Seung was always the second. Always second to his more glamorous, more daring relative. Always.

The way Seung tells it, it was him that saw the opportunity lying there and came up with the idea of putting the Blood Roses together, but it was Jeung who lifted the idea and ran with it, his status on the Waterfront club scene ensuring that it was him and not Seung who would be at the centre of the organisation. Seung was relegated to his familiar role as lieutenant and back-up man to Cousin Jeung. And then even that wasn't secure for him, as the rise and rise of Charlotte Bloodrose began. Jeung and Seung were blood-kin - the kind of blood that the Blood Roses were supposed to be all about - and had known each other all their lives. Seung had been loyal to Jeung all that time and now Jeung was starting to take advice from that little piece of scheming Virginia Gardens new money trash?

Shunted further into the sidelines while Jeung - and now Charlotte too - basked in the limelight of the Blood Roses' growing achievements, Cousin Seung's resentment grew.

It was the Lindochem courier heist that brought everything to a head. $30 million in bearer bonds being transported in an armoured van from Silverfield to Havalynd, a sweetener to the company from another corporate suitor in the proposed sell-off of one of their developing world subsidiary operations. It was Tyron Sennet who first picked up rumours of the deal. It was Byron Bloodrose who hacked the courier company's systems and scoped out the details of the time and route. It was Michael Simeone who found a broker in Europe who guaranteed that he would be able to sell the bonds back to their owners for as much as thirty cents on the dollar. Jeung and Charlotte would be leading the heist crew, with everything timed and planned to the usual Blood Roses perfect precision.

It was a trap. Justin Teng's pet ex-military strike team were waiting for them at the ambush point. Byron had picked up whispers about the op on the Praetorians' communications net, and managed to get a last-second warning to Jeung and Charlotte. They got out in time. Four other Blood Roses, including a school friend of Charlotte's, didn't.

Charlotte got mad. Said Seung had tipped off the Praetorians, hoping they would do what he didn't have the guts to do himself. Jeung wasn't sure, but it was only a matter of time before Charlotte sweet-talked him round to having Seung killed. Michael Simeone interceded, vetoing the idea - no wasteful internal warfare, particularly since there was no proof against Seung . Tyron Sennet stepped in and decided that it would be better for all concerned if Seung wasn't around. He was moved over to Havalynd, and given what he had always wanted; a budget, and a remit to start up Blood Roses operations in a territory of his own.

Did Seung set Jeung and Charlotte up to be killed by the Praetorians? How much did Simeone and Sennet know about what was going on, and just how unhappy would they be to see the fiery and unpredictable Jeung replaced by the far more malleable and controllable Seung? To know the answers to these questions, watch the kind of moves Seung is starting to out together down there in Havalynd.