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Rank is a mechanic in APB that is similar to levels in other games, but unlike other games, raising the rank does not enhance or improve the character in any way.

Increasing the rank, player can gain access to new weapons, clothes, cars, other contacts and more that can be unlocked for purchasing later. Some contacts will instantly give rewards to the player rather than unlocking them upon reaching a specific level.

Players can increase their rank by completing missions and gaining Standing Points (experience) with contacts. This will raise the player's level with each contact. Eventually, players will reach the maximum level with a contact and will need to pledge to diferent contacts in order to keep progressing and increasing rank.

The player's rank is calculated by the sum of all levels with all contacts. For example, if the player has reached level 10 with a contact and level 2 with another one, the player is then rank 12.

Rank is a separate mechanic from Threat.