Affluent college kids from the exclusive and sedate Waterfront enclave of Prentiss, who have banded together to protect their community from crime. And because stomping the shit outta criminal trash is a whole lotta fun.

With a core composed of college school team jocks, extreme sports fanatics and adrenaline junkies, the Tigers are all about pro-active aggression, jock humour and kegger parties on the beach.

They're also an adman's dream – young, good-looking, clean-cut and affluent; like the cast of a glamorous TV series come to life, right down to the strong young teen following – and use sponsorship deals to fund their growing activities. They even have a business agent to bring them ever more lucrative offers.

They all come from very wealthy families, and their aims and objectives are slightly more modest than some of the other Enforcer organizations. What they really want to do is protect their home area, but in order to do that they have to push out beyond its boundaries.


Tier Zero: Simon Tran (Waterfront) (Tutorial Agent-Automatic lvl 6)
Tier One: Chung Hee (Waterfront) and Violet Prentiss (Financial)
Tier Two: Mirri Kent (Financial) and Stu Phoenix (Waterfront)
Tier Three: Akiko X (Waterfront) and Darryl Kent (Financial)
Tier Four: Byeong Lee (Waterfront) and Chiza (Waterfront)
Tier Five: Orlenz' Moretti (Waterfront)
Social Contact: Sofia Vasccuci