The Praetorians are run by a man named Justin Teng. He is a business genius, very astute man, very knowledgeable. Teng has made serious amounts of money within the city over the course of his corporate career.

The Praetorians are essentially a corporate police force, backed by serious corporate money, and are very well equipped. Composed mostly of former military members, former cops (being paid more for the job), and even normal do-gooder citizens.

There is a lot of suspicion of them because of the corporate masters, and there are definite secret agendas about how the Praetorians are approaching things. There is a level where Justin Teng at some point would like to be essentially the only law enforcement within the city.


Tier Zero: Wilson LeBoyce(Financial)(Tutorial Agent - Automatic Lvl 6)
Tier One: Eva Orlandez (Waterfront) and Ty Durrant (Financial)
Tier Two: Sabbat (Waterfront) and Grissom (Financial)
Tier Three: Saul Linklater (Financial) and Miguel Estebano (Waterfront)
Tier Four: Hea Choi (Financial) and Kaspar Danko (Financial)
Tier Five: Justin Teng (Financial)