Patriot Vegas
Patriot Vegas
Manufacturer: Patriot Auto-fabrication
Drive Type: RWD
Faction: Shared
Acceleration: Patriot Vegas-accel
Top Speed: Patriot Vegas
Grip: Patriot Vegas
Durability: Patriot Vegas
Ramming Ability: Patriot Vegas
Cargo: Patriot Vegas
Passengers: 2

The Patriot Vegas G20 is widely known as a classic American muscle car judging by the looks of the vehicle. Its performance is also what we would expect from any American muscle car as well; plenty of torque off the starting line makes for a high acceleration rate and a decent top speed almost comparable to its newer counterpart the Jericho, but all this speed comes at a price; practice is required to get the most of the Vegas G20. It is a popular choice among experienced drivers who can actually handle the full potential of the G20, but the fact that it is prone to spinning out and has a very low turning radius discourages many new drivers from discovering the true value of learning to drive this car. For a sports car, its ramming ability is unusually high and its durability is a bit less than average. The Vegas G20 seems like an impossible drive, but learn to drive it. Getting past its unpredictable acceleration is usually the hardest part.

Price: Enforcer Unlocks Criminal Unlocks Level: Rating:
0 Slot: $40000 Saul Linklater Lilith Bloodrose 10 20
1 Slot: $80000 Hea Choi Jeung Bloodrose 10 30
2 Slot: $200000 Justin Teng Michael Simeone 15 30

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