The Patriot T-25 is a 4-door truck in APBsimilar to the Ford 150 with a good top speed and decent handling for it's size. To unlock the higher Tier T-25 trucks(the upgradeable ones) you need to successfully complete missions. Level 5 is when the first one is unlocked and the third one is at lvl 8. There is also a 4th one. The APB Patriot is not to be mistaken for the Grand Theft Auto Patriot, which is based on the Hummer.


A strong and predictable pickup truck. It not only carries a lot of cargo and seats four, but also features superb torque and braking power.

"Kids in the back cause accidents, accidents in the back cause kids, problem?" ​ -official quote of the Patriot T-25

Cargo: 10

Occupants: 4

ChopShop RatingEdit



  • Bull Bars
  • Roll Cage
  • Rims
  • Spot Lights
  • Side Skirts


Teri Quan (Criminals): Lvl 10

Rank (User): 10