Prestige Icons

Notoriety and Prestige are the reputation and consequence systems in APB. These two systems are affected by player behaviors and how these behaviors affect the ‘Living City’. Notoriety – Criminals earn Notoriety by exhibiting aberrant behavior: killing and mugging pedestrians, ram raiding shops, blowing up vehicles, winning missions and killing other players. When criminals decide to keep their Notoriety low, they will receive less opposition from Enforcers but their bonuses and rewards will be reduced. In contrast, when they decide that they want to play with a higher Notoriety, they will receive additional bonuses and rewards but they will be met with stronger Enforcer opposition while playing.


Notoriety Icons

Prestige – Enforcers must play within the bounds of the enforcement ideal to gain Prestige: arrest criminals instead of killing them and stopping criminal activity whenever possible. For enforcers, aberrant behavior (as described above) in the ‘Living City’ will result in penalties to Prestige. Killing criminals who are already arrested results in a bigger penalty to Prestige. Mechanisms such as police sirens and horns facilitate in avoiding the accidental killing of pedestrians while driving a vehicle. Similar to Notoriety, low Prestige equate to low bonuses and rewards and having high Prestige will give you higher bonuses and rewards.


When an enforcer or a criminal reaches level 5 Notoriety or Prestige they will have a bounty put on their head for anyone to claim and a marker on the map targeting your position. During level 5 Notoriety all criminals and enforcers (except for the criminals in your team or group) will have red names just as if they were in your group. Even if you are teamed with other criminals, your team members can team-kill you and still claim your bounty. On the other hand, at level 5 Prestige all criminals will have red names but enforcers will have green names just as if they were in your group, but cannot help you. Careful, friendly fire is on all friendly factions and if you are in a group, your group cannot help you.

Level 5 nearly doubles winning profits and standing from a mission.