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  • JEA12

    [Friday, January 24, 2014]

    "Here’s what’s going on right now:  For the last few weeks miscreants have been messing with APB by attempting both small and large DDoS attacks daily. The attacks range from small scale attempts, all the way to Derp Trolling taking down APB during their big take-down spree against Eve Online, LoL, Steam and (on an aside, if anyone has any information about these events, we, and the FBI, are all ears and we will share more info on how the community can help out too). 

    In the meantime, choosing a mitigation response that is both effective and doesn’t destroy performance is hard, but that part is complete and a first solution has now been deployed. Unfortunately there is no free lunch; in this case, mitigating attacks comes at the cost of higher latency in the short term. 

    We are now working with our provider to optimize the mitigation to bring pings back down with DDOS mitigation turned on. As if our job wasn’t hard enough without this extra layer of wo…

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  • JEA12

    APB:R - Patch 1.14.1 (471)

    January 25, 2014 by JEA12

    [21 January 2014]

    Tomorrow’s (Wednesday) maintenance will have an extended maintenance time (more details in a Blog post later today) Maintenance should be approximately four hours and will start at 10 AM GMT.


    • Various background system optimizations.

    BUG FIX:

    • Fixed a visual corruption issue that could occur on the female jeans.

    • Forum Post by Tiggs
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  • JEA12

    [23 January 2014]

    Now available on ARMAS!

    Pathfinder PR2

    Functionally identical to the N-HVR 243, the Pathfinder provides a stable, mobile platform for long range engagements, following Scout Rifle guidelines. This version comes with a Tagger and a Hunting Sight.

    Stats: Health Damage: High
    Stamina Damage: High
    Hard Damage: Low
    Effective Range: High
    Rate of Fire: Low
    Reload Speed: Mid
    Mobility: High
    Clip Size: 5
    Ammo Capacity: 25
    Required Faction: Both

    Modifier: Tagger - Places an Target Marker above targets that you hit, for 8 seconds. Enemy player can see when they are tagged.
    Hunting Sight 1 - Increases benefit of Marksmanship mode slightly. Increases zoom level by 5 degrees. Decreases accuracy while running slightly.

    Pathfinder LR PR2

    Functionally identical to the N-HVR 243, the Pathfinder provides a stable, mobile platform for long range engagements, following Scout Rifle guidelines. This Long Range variant comes with an improved sight and better rifling for extreme ranges.

    Health Damage: Hig…

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  • JEA12

    APB:R - Winter Warmup Event!

    January 25, 2014 by JEA12

    [22 January 2014]

    Starting today at 4 PM PST (12:00 AM UTC) we’re giving out free gifts for each consecutive day that you earn 15 unique kills for the next SIX days! Every day you login and do what you would normally do, you get a gift for that day!

    The rules are the same as the last time, these are unique kills and it resets each day.

    • Forum Post by Tiggs
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  • JEA12

    [17 January 2014]

    Get 25% more G1C when you buy with Paypal for the rest of January!

    • Forum Post by Tiggs
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  • JEA12

    APB:R: Patch 1.14.1 (468)

    January 17, 2014 by JEA12

    [14 January 2014]

    We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be under three hours and will start at 10 AM GMT.


    • Temporarily assigning the Elves Christmas Titles to Ophelia (Joker Distribution), as they were inaccessible to some players during the APB Christmas Elf Event.

    New Weapon Variant

    • "Pathfinder" : Functionally identical to the N-HVR 243, the Pathfinder provides a stable, mobile platform for long range engagements, following Scout Rifle guidelines. This weapon will be available on ARMAS soon!

    New Weapon Skins

    • Japanese, Norwegian, Irish, Desert Camo and Blue Digital Camo. Look out for these skins on ARMAS soon!

    Bug Fixes:


    • Implemented a fix where opposed contacts have correct weapon skins when interacted with.


    • Fixed issue where Vegas blinkers glowed when the opposite side blinker was working.
    • Updated Vegas model to fix panel gaps.
    • Fixed for the Vegas’ "Hotrod" spoiler deformation.
    • Fix for the Vegas Rhino’s headlights, so that decals may now…

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  • JEA12

    [16 January 2014]

    Show your technological prowess with the Digital Camo skin as your harness the latest in gun skin technology. Move from corridor to corridor while eliminating enemies like a futuristic badass.

    Feeling gritty and a little less in the future? Then let the bodies hit the floor like never before with the Desert Camo skin. It doesn't matter if you're a close quarter expert or prefer the distance as a sniper, this skin will make a deadly statement. Available now on ARMAS.

    • Forum Post by Tiggs
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  • JEA12

    [14 January 2014]

    The community has asked for it and the APB team has delivered - convert your character bound weapons to account bound today on ARMAS and save!
    The process is simple:

    1. Login to the ARMAS marketplace
    2. Select the Learn More link on the Character Lifetime weapon you own
    3. Click the Account Lifetime button
    4. Verify the price – Notice those savings!
    5. Purchase and enjoy

    Don’t be confined to one character, play with your favorite gun on ALL characters. Available on ARMAS!
    Note: Upgrade price is the difference between the base price of the character-bound and the account-bound weapons, plus a 15% fee.

    • Forum Post by Tiggs
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  • Kenji 03

    APB Reloaded Updated

    July 9, 2012 by Kenji 03

    Apr 18, 2012APB Reloaded Updated Product Update - Valve New Contacts - TipToe and Devil Dog! • Criminals get to meet TipToe, Tyron Sennet’s long lost daughter. She’s employed by the Blood Roses but runs with her own brood of elite sociopaths. She can be found hanging out on top of the APD car park in Financial. • Enforcers join ranks with Devil Dog, an ex-sniper who was honourably discharged from the Marines on medical grounds. He now works for the Prentiss Tigers and can be found on the roof of the abandoned “Munson’s Screw & Bolt” factory in Financial. • Both contacts add 20 levels of progression each and hand out the latest experimental gadgets and gear to all those who can earn it. • NOTE: You must be Rank 195 to unlock these top contacts.

    New Mods and Progression Rewards! • Players who get referred to TipToe and Devil Dog can look forward to the following rewards! • Radar Jammer - An activatable character mod that will block your opponent’s radar with your deployed graffiti. Warni…

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  • Kenji 03

    Apr 10, 2012 APB: Reloaded New Breed update will bring Radar Jammers, Tommy Guns and a brick PC Gamer [1] Gamers First have released the details of a huge new update for APB: Reloaded. Patch 1.7.0 is being called 'New Breed part 1' and will bring new weapons, new mods, new characters and new challenges to the online cops and robbers sim. The new equipment will be doled out by two delightfully named new characters, Tiptoe for the criminals and Devil Dog for the enforcers. I bet he's a nice man. He sounds nice.

    Check inside for more details.

    New Modifications

    Radar Jammer: This device covers enemy radars with your personal graffiti, keeping them from spotting you and your team.

    Hard Landing: Equip this and your character will no longer be staggered by a big fall, instead they'll land lightly and be able to fight right away.

    Brick: Drop a brick on your accelerator to keep your car going in a straight line after you've jumped out.

    Valzipram Tablets: These drugs make you take less damage from be…

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  • Kenji 03

    Dec 16, 2011

    APB Reloaded scores 3 million players in one week PC Gamer [1]

    The dust has finally settled on APB’s Reloaded reboot-up-the-arse, and it’s racked up a none-too-shabby 3 million registered players in the eight days after its release on Steam, according to Gamespot. The original, ridiculously troubled release apparently notched up a mere 130,000 players, but we heard rumours that this number was actually far lower.

    It's also currently sitting at number 15 in the Steam charts, making it the second most popular free-to-play game after the evergreen Team Fortress 2. 3 million isn't such a bad number, too - it's obviously dwarfed by the likes of Skyrim, but it's almost up there with Battlefield 3's 5 million copies. It's also just over a quarter of the uber-popular League of Legends' player base, too.

    In addition, a retail version of APB Reloaded has launched in the US. Containing $50 worth of virtual goods, the boxed edition is priced at $29.99. To celebrate, publishers GamersFirs…

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  • Kenji 03

    Dec 7, 2011 APB Reloaded open beta hits Steam, play now for free PC Gamer [1] Multiplayer cops and robbers game APB has broken out of its cell and barged rowdily onto Steam. For more than a year, GamersFirst have been rebuilding it as a free to play game after APB's first run came to an abrupt end after its creators, Realtime Worlds, went into administration.

    It's now called APB Reloaded, and you can download the client for free now. GamersFirst say that this is an open beta phase. They'll continue to fix bugs and refine things as players go to war. You get to create a cop or a crook using the fantastic character creation suite, and then roam the city of San Paro in squads, where you'll be assigned missions designed to dynamically match you up with players of a similar level. Will it work? Has it improved since it we gave it 55 in our APB review back in summer 2010? There's only one way to find out. Are you playing it? What do you think so far?

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  • Marc Bourgoin


    (note: Wednesday night 11:00pm PST update):

    To clarify - the patch itself (version 76) doesn't actually perform the Punkbuster update, it only changes our game so that it can use the update from the Punkbuster side. We are now waiting for PB to push the change live on their end, and once their systems have been updated as well, then we expect the stuttering issue to be resolved.
    We expect this update to happen sometime overnight between Wednesday and Thursday PST (so Thursday morning in Europe).
    Cheers / TechMech

    (original post):
    We are now going live with version (76) of the game.
    This build contains one specific fix - a Punkbuster time-lag issue that we have been observing which can make the game slow down for a few seconds every 20 or 30 seconds.
    The team is additionally working a long series of other fixes as well, and I will update this page when those are live.

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  • JoePlay

    The official Twitter account for APB Reloaded says that the closed beta will begin next month. Information will be sent out to interested parties this week, which should include former APB players, although you can sign up on the official site as well.

    Source: Joystiq

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  • NoMotion

    APB Shutting Down!

    September 17, 2010 by NoMotion

    Seems like only yesterday that All Points Bulletin hit the mean, crime infested streets. Oh yeah, that's because it basically was. The cops 'n' robbers MMO launched on June 29 of this year, and, well, it had some issues. Not nearly as many issues, however, as its developer Realtime Worlds, who recentlyput an entire development team on the chopping block and declared bankruptcy.

    And now, after failing to attract a buyer, it looks as though All Points Bulletin's gone straight from the cradle into the grave.

    “APB has been a fantastic journey, but unfortunately that journey has come to a premature end. Today we are sad to announce that despite everyone’s best efforts to keep the service running; APB is coming to a close. It’s been a pleasure working on APB and with all its players. Together we were building an absolutely amazing game, and for that, we thank you. You guys are awesome!” wrote Realtime Worlds community manager Ben Bateman.

    According to anonymous sources, APB's servers will be g…

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  • Marc Bourgoin

    I loved APB. It's sad that it is dead.. but fear not, there is a private server in the works!

    It is a work in progress so it goes up for tests and down... but it's the only way we'll be able to play this great game.. for now unless APB comes back online or something.

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  • Marc Bourgoin

    End of an Era

    September 17, 2010 by Marc Bourgoin

    APB has been a fantastic journey, but unfortunately that journey has come to a premature end. Today we are sad to announce that despite everyone's best efforts to keep the service running; APB is coming to a close. It's been a pleasure working on APB and with all its players. Together we were building an absolutely amazing game, and for that, we thank you. You guys are awesome!

    From all of the Realtime World staff we thank you for your continued support.

    The servers are still up, so join the party and say goodbye!

    - Ben 'APBMonkey' Bateman (Community Officer)

    "I truly wish we had the chance to continue to craft APB into the vision we had for it. It has been a long & difficult journey but ultimately rewarding to have had the chance to try something bold and different. APB holds some great memories, from the last night of the beta, to the clans and individuals who amazed us with their creativity and sense of community. I am so sorry it had to end so quickly but hopefully the good memories w…

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  • Marc Bourgoin

    Below are the release notes, but check these links if you want to learn more about the two new systems:

    Ready (replaces dispatch):

    Threat (improves "call for backup" system):


    • Advanced Video Settings are now available!
    • Going live with this patch is the new ‘Ready System’, more info can be found here.
    • Players can no longer exploit certain roles to gain money.
    • New clothing items are available!
    • A crash when creating a new theme or song in the music studio has been fixed.
    • A large number of client crashes have been resolved.
    • Client no longer hangs when clicking on the Vault/Knowledge-base button in the locker on weapons.
    • The spray can effect now correctly displays on other player's clients.
    • An issue where players were unable to search for primary weapons on the marketplace has been resolved.
    • Upgrades can be removed while using the Field Supplier or Mobile Supply Unit.
    • A graffi…

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  • Wagnike2

    All Points Bulletin has now be released in North America. Hang on our European readers, it will be out there soon!

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  • Wagnike2

    In-Game Audio Ads

    June 25, 2010 by Wagnike2

    A new article on Destructoid mentions that this game will have audio ads implemented in it. Is this a positive or a negative for you?

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  • Wagnike2

    Joystiq has put up a new interview with APB Producer Jesse Knapp. See interview here.

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  • Wagnike2

    New screens

    June 4, 2010 by Wagnike2

    Available now at Destructoid are new shots and information about the game.

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  • Wagnike2

    Answers Site Created

    May 28, 2010 by Wagnike2

    An Answers Site for APB has been created in order to supplement this Wiki. Answer sites allow people to get their individual questions answered about this game.

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  • Wagnike2

    Death Streaks!

    May 17, 2010 by Wagnike2

    In a recent interview about APB, the customization is further explained and they go into some details about Death Themes. Check out the video here

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  • Wagnike2

    New Layout/Main

    May 10, 2010 by Wagnike2

    In preparation of the upcoming release of All Points Bulletin, the site has been given a new skin and a new main page.

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