Mirri Kent
Mirri Kent Contact
Faction Enforcers
Organization Prentiss Tigers
Prerequisite Violet Prentiss
Unlocks Akiko X
District Financial

Mirri Kent is a confident girl and a media-fan of Mayor Jane Darren. She is the older sister of Darryl Kent. She likes interviews a lot.

Mirri Kent is unlocked after reaching standing level 10 with Violet Prentiss.


Darryl Kent's older sister, born and bred in Prentiss, but now something big in PR down in Havalynd. Mirri is a big Mayor Derren fan - bold new ideas, fresh forward-thinking policies, and the guts to see 'em through . Mirri supports the City Security Act 100% - putting power back into the hands of the people; isn't that what democracy's supposed to be all about? - and her agency worked on the ad campaign that played such a big part in getting the act through the city council. ("It's still your city, San Paro. Time to start taking it back." Mirri wrote that line, now familiar to San Paroites from the thousands of times they've heard in on TV, radio or the internet or seen it on billboards or subway ads. And damn proud she is of it too, especially when it earned her a promotion to junior partner and a corner office overlooking Merchant Park.)

Of course, it's different when you find out that your kid brother's one of those vigilante yahoos running around out there with a gun and a piece of paper from City Hall that says it's okay for him to go up against heavily-armed professional criminals. That stuff's fine for glorified rentacops like the Praetorians - Mirri's agency lost out on the big PR contract for Justin Teng's brainchild, so she's been down on the Praetorians ever since - or kids living out in shitholes like Montebank or the Sprawl, where they've not got much to lose in the first place, but decent middle-class kids from places like Prentiss are worth more.

Mirri soon changed her tune when she met up with the Tigers. These kids were motivated, well equipped and - thanks to the old cop Lee - they actually seemed to know what they were doing. Mirri liked just about everything he saw in the Tigers. And what she mostly saw was one big marketing opportunity.

With the passing of the City Security Act, the big buzz round the cocktail bars and clubs in Havalynd was that people power was going to be the next big thing, but, unless you were already into private security or arms manufacturing, no-one could figure out how to tap into this new zeitgeist and make some serious money. Mirri could. She knows stylists and fashion designers. She knows people in marketing and product placement. She figures she gives them the Tigers, and then it's Christmas for everyone.

Flick through the channels on your TV and count how many shows feature a bunch of good-looking clean-cut teenage kids from good homes. The Tigers look like they've walked straight out of one of those shows - their leader's a star quarterback, for christ's sake - but instead of sitting around whining about their spoiled pampered lives like the kids on those shows, they're out there putting their lives on the line to make their city a better place. Who couldn't get behind an idea like that?

Mirri sees every kid in San Paro wanting to wear a Prentiss Tigers baseball jacket, featuring the gang logo that she's already had designed and focus group-tested. She sees companies queuing up to get good-looking kids like Orlenze' to endorse their products. She sees an Akiko X brand of perfume ('Katana' is the name she and the marketing team are favoring at the moment). She sees a natural-born clothes horse like Nora fronting a whole line of high fashion Tigers clothing.

Of course, selling all this to the Tigers was a problem. The old cop was naturally hostile, but the kids got it right off. The old man came round, though, especially when Mirri offered to be their point man in Havalynd, cultivating contacts in her Rolodex to bring in sponsorship money from some of the corporates. The couple of contacts she'd shown the dummied-up prep material to were clamoring to know more. She also knew people at City Hall, enough to find shortcuts through all the red tape bullshit that still came with the City Security Act.

So now Mirri is the Tigers' biggest fan, on 20% of everything she brings their way. She's just waiting for the action to start happening, for the Tigers to start making a name for themselves, and then the phone will really start ringing.