Jane Darren is the leader of the Enforcer faction.

Quite a lot of the story for APB begins 15 - 20 years ago with her father, John Darren, who was the original mayor of San Paro. At the time when he was in power, the city was more of a prohibition-style Chicago, there were many crime families, crime bosses, and a corrupt police force. He had already been mayor for a while and was getting ready to push through some of his forms for his 3rd term when he is assassinated by the head of the criminal faction, Luke Waskawi. Jane Darren is there as a child and witnesses the whole thing.

As she grows up, Jane Darren begins to start her political career. She decides to try and push charities and ends up getting a few interviews. She is known to be a charismatic and forceful individual, and people started listening to what she had to say. In an interview she has with a representative of the mayor she piles him into the earth by coming up with some great insightful ideas about how to handle San Paro, and from that she starts to get noticed.

Various people decided they would be very keen for her to move into politics. Being young, a lot of her backers see her as an opportunity to try and gain some power for themselves in San Paro, and she could be a very convenient figure head for doing that. She announces that she's running for mayor on the ticket for the conservative unionist party, one of the political parties in San Paro. During her campaign she uses a large collection of information she had gathered over the years to expose how rampant the corruption of San Paro really was, and in turn she brings down a large proportion of the sub-ruling political figures. After this massive fallout, Jane Darren became mayor of San Paro by a landslide. Two years later, her plan in dealing with the crime rate of San Paro comes into fruition by passing the City Security Act.