Jg 840

the JG-1040.

A modular JG-840 with attachments for up to 2 upgrades. The JG-1040 is exactly the same as the JG-840 but has slots for 2 weapon upgrades, so for specifics on the use / stats of this gun you can check the JG-840 page. This shotgun is extremely lethal at close ranges. Typicaly it takes 2 -3 shot cloe range, but 5-6 short at mid range and it is bearly able to hit at long range. A good tatic going aganist the shotty users is to stay at long range to execute them safely, or to have a have a quick fire rate gun to execute them during their reload time.

Unlocking the JG-1040

Criminals - Level 27 with G-Kings

Enforcers - Level 27 with Praetorians