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"A fun family saloon with rear-wheel drive and a good suspension system, both of which make for excellent drifting potential." In-game description

The Han Veo is a vehicle in APB.

Probably the best cars available early on, especially if you want seating for four. It's acceleration isn't fantastic, but it has a decent top speed.

Can be found trough San Paro in taxi livery.

Price Contact - Level Rank
Veo standard $ 5,000 Strega Bloodrose - Lvl 6 None
Veo 120LX (1 slot) $ 10,000 30
Veo 220LX (2 slots) $ 20,000 30
Veo 320LX (3 slots) $ 35,000 85
Veo 420LX (4 slots) $ 50,000 85

ChopShop/Depot Rating: Average

Han Veo Taxi

Han Veo civilian taxi variant