The G-Kings are a group of poor kids who grew up in Gresty, an area of the Financial District in APB (near the skatepark). They are stylized as skater-punks.


Originally just another gang of dead-end-life skatepunk kids from Gresty; a ghetto housing project perpetually in the shadow of the financial district's towering skyscrapers.

Gresty and its inhabitants have always been on the outside; an unwanted pocket of poverty amid the civic grandeur and corporate wealth of Havalynd, and the G Kings were born defiant. The world they live in views them and their neighbourhood as unwanted trash. They fight back against that world any way they can, making as much noise as they can, to remind their enemies that they're still there.

Wealthy ultra-liberal businessman Arlon Benjamin liked their outsider status and took them under his wing, seeing them as the shock to the system he was looking for to bring about radical change in San Paro. The G Kings were always about rebellion, but now they've started preaching revolution.