Financial District

A screenshot of the Financial District.

The San Paro Financial District is one of the Action Districts. In the Financial District, big corporations base their headquarters and shady business deals occur every single day. The G-Kings base most of their territory in an area inside the Financial District known as Gresty. Likewise, the Praetorians also base most of their operations out in Havalynd (the official name for the Financial District). Because of this, Praetorians and G-Kings conflicts are a common sight in the Financial District; and Tier 5 Contacts for the G-Kings and Praetorians, Arlon Benjamin and Justin Teng, are found here. The style of the Financial District represents the clash of these two Organizations. On the northern end of Havalynd there are many sky-scrapers, shopping malls, water fountains and corporate buildings. While on the southern end there are the run-down neighborhoods and filthy back-alleys of Gresty.

Combat inside of the Financial District is opposite to that of the Waterfront District. Back alleys, shopping malls and building interiors often lead to close-quarters combat.

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