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What are the districts? Edit

There are five districts:

  • Social District: This is the district where you can spend as much time as you want to customize everything and buy new items. There are no vehicles in the social district. There are no weapons in this district.
  • Financial District: This is the district where there are the most shops, so it's easier to "Ram-Raid" and get the stolen goods to a contact in exchange for money. Weapons and cars are allowed in this district.
  • Waterfront District: Same as above, but less stores, but due to it's seaside beauty it atracts more pedestrians, making it easier to "Mug Pedestrians".
  • The Beacon Fight Club: Taking place at a construction site in the Financial District, it is a haven for Shotguns and CQC.
  • The Docks Fight Club: Taking place at a dock filled with storage containers there are many long line of sight points which allows for Sniper Rifles to take full advantage of their long range capibilities.

What are Threat Levels?Edit

Threat levels are a element ranking system which dictates your general skill level.

The worst being green and best being gold.

  • Green
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold