A screenshot of the Enforcers.



The law enforcement within APB is carried out through the Enforcers, a collective of private polices forces, “special forces” units, and “guns for hire.” Though many players will abide by a strict code of conduct while playing as an Enforcer, they are not limited by what they can do and many will act with extreme prejudice only distinguishing themselves from a Criminal by the fact that they carry a badge. The primary objective of the Enforcers is to prevent, respond to, stop, and contain criminal activity within the city of San Paro.

What Enforcers Do

The Enforcers report to and accept missions from contacts within the two Enforcer organizations, Prentiss Tigers and Praetorians. Enforcer missions include picking up items from Criminal safehouses and delivering them to Law Enforcement contacts or areas, protecting VIP's, preventing arson, or responding to APB's.

As you earn standing with Enforcer organizations, you gain access to different weapons, vehicles, upgrades, and even clothing.

Enforcer Specific Game Mechanics

Though there is potential for someone to just join the Enforcers and decide not to respond to APB’s issued or stop criminal activity, the matchmaking system monitors this and acts accordingly, putting the APBs out to other Enforcers, et cetera, and taking away rep from those players that don’t respond. This effectively acts as a deterrent from players not playing the game the way it was intended. It is also important to note that Enforcers cannot be matched against other Enforcers.

Enforcers who reach a Prestige of 5 will have a hit put out on them, meaning all criminals will be notified of their location and will receive a reward for killing them. Enforcers can not help the bountied Enforcer from a criminal until that criminal has fired upon him. Once killed, that Enforcer loses Prestige sufficient to remove him from being killable by anyone.

The Prestige one gains gets an Enforcer much higher rewards, so it is to their advantage to advance to higher stages of Prestige.

Enforcers can use Less Than Lethal (LTL) Weapons, which do stamina damage instead of health, allowing them to stun a criminal and arrest them and are the only faction that has the ability to witness.

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