'The Criminals of San Paro are the driving force behind the primary game activity within APB. The Criminals prey on the city - including the civilians, the cars, and the businesses. Enforcers are sent out to try to stop them. They are one of the two classes in the game APB.

While working for the Criminals, you'll report to the Blood Roses and the G-Kings. These two NPC criminal organizations will issue players objectives and missions. Through carrying out these objectives, a player’s actions dictate what occurs throughout the rest of the world.

As Criminals become more and more successful they take over areas of turf within the districts, and they are given bigger jobs and better heists when they have more turf at their command. They are at a constant war with other criminal gangs for this turf, and the system allows criminal factions to fight against each other. When these alterations escalate enough or cause issues within the city, APB’s are sent out to the appropriate number of Enforcers that are ready to handle this situation, effectively creating a three-way encounter.


A screenshot of the Criminals.

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Kriminelle sind meist kriminell, hören Hip-Hop, klauen Zeitungen sowie Brötchen und kotzen betrunken Wodka in die Ecke. Ihr Rotz klebt auf jeder Straße, weil sie den Geschmack vom Nikotin nicht vertragen. Meisten sieht man sie in sportlicher Kleidung. Davon sollte man sich nicht täuschen lassen. Ihr großer Schnabel versucht den Faultierkörper auszugleichen. Wer Mau-Mau gegen einen Hip-Hopper spielt, sollte damit rechnen, auf ein Pasch reagieren zu müssen.

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