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"A roadster with lots of speed, good grip and a light rear end. Its blazing speed more than makes up for its somewhat fragile frame." In-game description


The Charge Cisco is a special case in that it is unlocked via Roles rather than via Organization standing. It's a highly maneuverable sports car available to both sides. Enforcers can unlock it by making arrests, while Criminals can unlock it by delivering stolen cars. Players who pre-ordered APB received a preset Charge Cisco for free when playing as a Criminal. It is similar to the BMW Z4 and Honda S2000.

Can be found as civilian car.

Criminals Enforcers
Car Thief Level 2 Vigilante Level 2 Basic Cisco
Car Thief Level 5 Vigilante Level 5 Cisco 1801 (1 slot)
Car Thief Level 8 Vigilante Level 8 Cisco 1802 (2 slots)
Car Thief Level 11 Vigilante Level 11 Cisco 1803 (3 slots)
Car Thief Level 14 Vigilante Level 14 Cisco 1804 (4 slots)

ChopShop/Depot Rating: High

Preset Charge Cisco:

Charge Cisco

Charge Cisco old look