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"A high-spec car with superior acceleration, braking, and grip, and a low center of gravity, but limited space for cargo and passengers." In-game description

The Bishada GX 8800 (Rapier) is a vehicle in APB. It is a criminal only sports car. Unlocked at level 10 with Javez of the G Kings, the Bishada is a highly maneuverable, high acceleration sports car. Modelled after the Porsche 996 and Toyota Supra, the Bishada's most notable weakness is a soft hull and short explosion fuse. The car's low center of gravity lends itself to landing on its feet in rolling situations, and the Bishada's foot brake is the best in the game. It is also one of the most popular used cars in APB Reloaded with many youtube videos showing designs on it and more.

Price Contact - Level Rank
Rapier standard $40,000 Javez - Lvl 10 40
Rapier Sport S1 (1 slot) $80,000 Grayson Fell - Lvl 10 30
Rapier Sport S2 (2 slots) $200,000 Arlon Benjamin - Lvl 15 30
Rapier Sport S3 (3 slots) $400,000 Tiptoe - Lvl 19 85
Rapier Sport S4 (4 slots) $1,000,000 Gumball - Lvl 19 85

Trivia Edit

Renamed to Rapier as opposed to "GX 8800" from the RTW version of All Points Bulletin.