Below is a complete list of APB Achievements.


All FactionsEdit

Roll DeepEdit

  • Earned by successfully calling in backup

Welcome To San ParoEdit

  • Earned by completing the tutorial

An Apple A DayEdit

  • Earned by regenerating health


  • Earned and advanced by killing enemies from behind

Drive-by AnnihilationEdit

  • Earned by killing a group as a passenger of a vehicle

Gas Tanks Do Too ExplodeEdit

  • Earned by killing groups by destroying a vehicle

Cold BloodedEdit

  • Earned by killing players who are Notoriety 5 or Prestige 5 from behind


  • Earned by killing opposing players as a passenger in a vehicle

Seen My Ring Trick?Edit

  • Earned by killing an opponent in a vehicle with a grenade

Bros In Different Area CodesEdit

  • Earned by maxing two organizations

I Need A Bigger GunEdit

  • Earned by being killed by the enemy 101 times

two top-tier contactsEdit

Skills To Pay The BillsEdit

  • Earned by obtaining 45 ranks in Roles or Achievements

I Need New KicksEdit

  • Earned by sprinting distances

Most Valuable PlayerEdit

  • Earned by achieving the MVP status at the end of matches

One Lucky S.O.BEdit

  • Earned by gaining random rewards

Seasoned VeteranEdit

  • Earned by spending time opposed to enemy players

Indoctrinate The MassesEdit

  • Earned by tagging open world graffiti points
  • Requires approximately 10 minutes of total spraypainting time.

Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Heat…Edit

  • Earned by successfully delivering large task items
  • Around 100 large items from mission turn in or Ram Raiding turn in.


  • Earned by successfully delivering medium task item.
  • Around 500 medium items from misson or Ram Raiding.

If You Could Sign By The XEdit

  • Earned by successfully delivering small task items
  • Around 1000 small items from mission or Ram Raiding.

Do I Look Like A Valet To You?Edit

  • Earned by successfully delivering 50 vehicles

Cars Burn GoodEdit

  • Earned by destroying vehicles driven by players

Natural Born LeaderEdit

  • Earned by starting groups

San Paro Is My CanvasEdit

  • Earned by Spraying graffiti

I'm Kind Of A Big DealEdit

  • Earned by achieving max threat 151 times.

Right Of WeightEdit

  • Earned and advanced by running over enemy players

Stupid Check Engine LightEdit

  • Earned by repairing vehicles



  • Earned by being witnessed doing crimes

Having A BlastEdit

  • Earned by bombing targets

Piggy-back RideEdit

  • Earned by killing players who are Prestige 5 from behind

Stand And DeliverEdit

  • Earned by mugging pedestrians
  • Requires 18,000-20,000 muggin's to unlock.

Most WantedEdit

  • Earned by spending time at notoriety 5

Cherry RideEdit

  • Earned by successfully delivering 100 vehicles in pristine condition

My “Key To The City”Edit

  • Earned by successfully ram raiding shopfronts


  • Earned by committing acts of vandalism


Not So FastEdit

  • Earned by arresting players who are on a kill streak

Don't Cut The Red WireEdit

  • Earned by defusing bombs

Who Are You?Edit

  • Earned by completing crime scene investigations

Mama SaidEdit

  • Earned by knocking opposing players out

Wanted: Dead Or AliveEdit

  • Earned by arresting/killing players who are Notoriety 5

Keys To The CityEdit

  • Earned by spending time at Prestige 5

Eyes In The Back Of Your HeadEdit

  • Earned by witnessing criminals performing crimes